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National Signing Day always brings some showmanship, intrigue and a few twists. Recruits now routinely make a show of their decision, picking a hat out of a lineup and putting it on to announce their decision.

Isaiah Crowell, a top running back prospect, went one step past the hat concept, picking Georgia and also holding a live bulldog puppy, the school's mascot. Try that, Wolverines recruits.

Nebraska signee Todd Peat Jr. says he switched to the Huskers from Arizona State at the last minute because yesterday, "I saw a Nebraska license plate and I thought, 'That must be a sign, I have to go to the University of Nebraska.'"

Still, recruits have a long way to go to pass the spectacle of Dallas Carter All-America defensive back Derric Evans, who signed his letter of intent to attend Tennessee in 1989 in a hot tub. Note that Coach James was against it and told his family not to allow him to do it.

The recent most dramatic signing may be of East St. John, La., cornerback Floyd Raven, who appeared to sign with both Ole Miss and Texas A&M, before it was determined his mother had signed the Ole Miss copy. Raven will attend Texas A&M. No word yet on what position his mom will play.